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Growing premium quality, nutritious food is what we do best!

As farmers it is our responsibility to contribute to a healthy, thriving community...and we take this very seriously! 

We want to grow food where you can see and taste the difference, and always feel confident that you are eating fresh, nutrient-dense produce, whether that be from our gardens or from farms that we partner with that we know, love and trust.

Below you can find more information on our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs, our sister business - Flourish MicroFarm, and wholesale opportunities to partner with us if you are a Chef, Restaurant or Retailer.



It takes a farm to support a community, and a community to support a farm!

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture which is a program that connects eaters and farmers more intimately in a way that sees eaters subscribing to a portion of the farms harvest. When you become a member of a CSA program you are purchasing a "share" of the harvest from a local farmer. 

This program offers benefits to both farmers and eaters alike. In this shared benefit-risk model eaters are investing in the farm at a time of the year when expenses for farmers are very high and incoming revenue is low. This allows the farmer to make better investments into their farm in the spring when they need to the most.

Eaters benefit from the program by "owning" a share of the fresh and nutritious crops from that years harvest. Eaters also get to learn more about where their food comes from, how it is produced and who is producing it. Eaters and farmers develop closer relationships that see everyone deepening their connections with the food they eat.

It's a win-win for everyone!


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We absolutely love working with the fabulous local Chefs in our area to bring more local food to the delicious plates at your favourite restaurants!

Working with Chefs to provide the freshest premium quality ingredients for their seasonal menus is one of our favourite ways to provide food to our community. Our Chefs are fun to work with and we love to see and taste the delicious seasonal creations they come up with!

You can find Happy Hills vegetables, herbs, fruit and microgreens seasonally on menus at The Velvet Restaurant (Rossland), Trail Beer Refinery (Trail), Gabriella's Restaurants (Rossland), Clansey's Restaurant (Rossland) and the Alpine Grind (Rossland). 

If you are a local chef or restaurant owner and would like to discuss the opportunity to use our fresh produce on your menu, please give us a shout!

We would love to connect!



Microgreens are a superfood and we love to grow them for you!

We started growing microgreens as a way to continuously provide nutritious food to our community and surrounding area on a year-round basis. Microgreens are a perfect addition to your healthy diet, often containing 40x higher amounts of nutrients than their mature plant counterparts.

Microgreens pack a punch of flavour, add beauty to any dish and are easy to add to every meal. Through our brand new sister business, Flourish MicroFarm, we are growing certified organic, premium microgreens for the entire West Kootenay's, delivering from Rossland to Nelson (and everywhere in between!).

To learn more about our microgreens and our new MicroFarm please visit

We welcome retailers and chefs to reach out - we would love to supply your shop or restaurant with our premium micros!

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