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This is our life.

And this was the blank canvas we started with, seven years ago in 2017.

There was a day a long time ago, where a Greyhound bus broke down on the side of a highway in a rural country area in south-western Ontario, and two wandering souls crossed paths over a cheap bottle of red and Grandpa's cheese n' cracker snack.

Fast forward 14 years, add four kids, and a shared passion for feeding good people good food and you'll find us. 

Two crazy beautiful souls, crazy in love, crazy about their kids, and crazy about making this planet a better place.


Welcome to our journey. We're so glad you're here with us!

My mother-in-law always says to me (Miche),

"You better be journaling. You better be writing all about this. You need to write a book about your life!"

I'll get there. There'll be a book.

But in the meantime, visit this page, follow us on social media.


We promise to keep you in the loop and bring you along with us as we ride through this epic journey called life! 


The simplicity of posting a photo we shot that morning with a real time description of whats going on in our world. 

An easy way for us to connect with you.

Follow along with us!

We've got lots to share.....

Real-life on a small scale veggie farm with 4 kids!

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By: Farm Folk City Folk   ||   May 12, 2022


By: Virginia Rasch   ||   February 19, 2020

Our farm has been featured in the news over the years, and we are so grateful to all of the amazing writers in our region who felt drawn to our farm and wanted to share our story. It's amazing to connect with these talented folks, their passion for sharing the positive things happening in the world of BC agriculture is amazing!

By: Connor Trembley   ||   August 19, 2020

By: Sara Golling   ||   August 25, 2020

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