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It takes a farm to support a community...

And a community to support a farm.




CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture which is a program that connects eaters and farmers more intimately in a way that sees eaters subscribing to a portion of the farms harvest. When you become a member of a CSA program you are purchasing a "share" of the harvest from a local farmer. 

This program offers benefits to both farmers and eaters alike. In this shared benefit-risk model eaters are investing in their farm at a time of the year when expenses for farmers are very high and incoming revenue is very low. This allows the farmer to make better investments into their farm in the spring when they need to the most.

Eaters benefit from the program by "owning" a share of the fresh and nutritious crops from that years harvest. At our farm, we feed our CSA members first, before selling additional produce through other sales channels. CSA members get the best of the best!  Eaters also get to learn more in-depthly about where their food comes from, how it is produced and who is producing it. Eaters and farmers develop closer relationships that see everyone deepening their connections with the food they eat. It's a win-win for everyone!

Starting 2024 our CSA program is expanding to include pork + eggs, both also produced here at our farm. We are so excited for these additions! As you will see below, you can pick and choose between six different CSA shares!  Our CSA members also receive other perks - like our Happy Hills Farm digital recipe book that gets bigger every year, and our new in 2024 produce storage guide that helps you make the most of your veggie boxes, and helps to reduce food waste. 



Welcome to our 7th year of our community supported agriculture program! This program is the backbone of our farm, and it enables us to continue producing food year after year. We are so grateful to everyone who supports us through our CSA!

2024 will look a little different for our CSA program. We have added new products, and have expanded the number of program options to choose from to best suit your needs. We do have membership guidelines which are pretty standard for any CSA program, and all CSA members receive a copy. Check out all of the different program options below, including prices, dates, products and sign-up links. 

If you are keen to join us in 2024, don't delay in getting registered! This year we have reduced our program in size, so each of the options you see below does have a member limit. Thank you so much for your interest in joining us for our 7th year of farming in the mountains! We can't wait to feed you!

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2024 - 2026 FULL FARM INVESTMENT SHARE   $2500

The full farm investment CSA share is a two year long commitment, or whenever you use up your $2500 value - whichever comes first. This Share has been designed with our past members in mind who join us for all of our yearly CSA programs, who will be interested in vegetables, eggs, pork, fresh flower bouquets - everything we have to offer! This Share offers us the most value as farmers, and offers the most perks to you as a CSA member. We have a limited number of Investment Shares available each year. Check out the perks of becoming an Investment Member:

  • The best part about this share is the option for you to customize what you want. We will work with each Investment Member through a shared google document to accommodate your wants and needs for every product we offer. You can easily chime in and book time away, add extra products or double up your weekly order.

  • You get the best of the best of what we have to offer. Sometimes we don't have enough of a vegetable to offer our weekly veggie box members, so these items will be offered to our Investment Share Members instead (read: you can always get carrots if you want!)

  • Each Investment Share will automatically include our 18 week veggie box program (still customizable though!) and you can also add weekly eggs, a half pig (or just random pork cuts), fresh flower bouquets when available and our winter microgreen delivery program too! All of these options that you choose will be included in your $2500 share, if you want! 

  • We often have veggies available when our 18 week summer csa isn't running (early spring veggies, late fall veggies, bulk storage crops, etc) and our Investment Share Members will have access to our farm fresh food whenever its available, all year long. 

  • Added Perks you *may* experience as an Investment Share Member:  annual farm calendar available in December, fresh baked sourdough breads, whole pastured chickens, farm to table preserves we make from scratch.

  • Investment Share Members receive a 10% discount off all purchases made at the Rooted Table Collective throughout the duration of your program.

  • All CSA share members get our annual digital recipe book, and our new in 2024 produce storage and preservation guide.

The Full Farm Investment Share runs from April 2024 through until the end of March 2026 or until you use up your full $2500 value.

The cost for this share is $2500. As this is an investment into our farm meant to offer us the most benefit through early year investments, payment plans are unavailable for this share option.


This is our annual veggie box CSA program, and will be our 7th year providing this to our community! 

Here's all the details you need to know:

  • 18 week program, starts Mid-June and ends Mid-October

  • delivery / pickup day will likely be Tuesdays this year

  • fresh veggies every week, approximately $40 weekly value

  • the program will be divided into three 6 week sessions, with a one week break in between

  • Cost is $720

  • Payment plan available upon request - $400 due upon registration, $320 due by April 1st, 2024

  • Limited number of shares available, so don't delay and avoid disappointment! 

  • Guaranteed an amazing variety of veggies all summer long!

  • Share with a friend or family member if you think you may be away periodically - see our Friends + Family Share info below!

  • All CSA share members get our annual digital recipe book, and our new in 2024 produce storage and preservation guide.

18 WEEK EGG SHARE   $144 / $288

Our brand new annual main season egg share! We are stoked to be raising hens again in 2024! All of our chickens are raised fully on pasture and fed organic feed - all the worms, bugs, sunshine a bird could want, along with special daily care from our family. 

Happy chickens = delicious eggs!

  • guaranteed eggs throughout our main season

  • starts Mid-June and ends Mid-October

  • either one dozen or two dozen eggs weekly, please note: our 18 week program is divided into three 6 week sessions with one week off in between each session

  • $8 / dozen

  • $144 = 18 dozen eggs, one per week of the program

  • $288 = 36 dozen eggs, two per week of the program

  • limited number of egg shares available!

  • All CSA share members get our annual digital recipe book, and our new in 2024 produce storage and preservation guide.

2024 PIG SHARE   $400 / $800 deposit required

We enjoyed raising pigs so much in 2023, our pig share is back for another year! We raise two different breeds of pig, 100% on pasture + forest, fed organic feed and given love and care from our family everyday!

  • Berkshire heritage pork $9/lb hanging weight,  ready approximately October-November 2024

  • Non-heritage breed pork  $7.50/lb hanging weight,  ready approximately August-September 2024

  • Reserve either a half hog share or a full hog share

  • Half Hog Share = $400 deposit at time of sign-up, balance due when you receive your pork

  • Full Hog Share = $800 deposit at time of sign-up, balance due when you receive your pork

  • we strive to reach 200lbs hanging weight (100lbs hanging per half), and typically you receive 70-80% of the hanging weight in a variety of cuts

  • all shares include leaf lard, organs, and bones (based on what we receive back from the butcher) - unless you don't want them

  • there is some customization available regarding the types of cuts you receive

  • smoking and sausage fees are extra on top of the per pound charge

  • limited number of pig shares available - these will sell out quick, so don't delay if you are keen for Rossland raised pork!!

  • All CSA share members get our annual digital recipe book, and our new in 2024 produce storage and preservation guide.


This is our Love Local Loyalty Program through our downtown brick and mortar 100% BC local specialty farm + food store, The Rooted Table Collective located downtown Rossland on Columbia Avenue, next to the Library.

  • Perfect for those who don't want to commit to time lines or specific products

  • Through our Farm Club you are pre-purchasing $500 in-store credit to be used on any products you like that we carry in store!

  • We donate 2% of all Farm Club purchases into our donation fund, which in turn gets donated once per year to one of the amazing BC small business suppliers we love to support! 

  • Save 7% on all purchases! (read: buy-in for $500 and we credit your farm club account for $535!)

  • Periodically at random times we will run specials or contests for Farm Club members so you can save even more, or enter for a chance to win great prizes!

  • There is no start or end date associated with this program, when your Farm Club account gets used up you can finish the program or make another deposit!

  • Available for in-store purchases only.


The details and sign-up form for our 2024-25 winter microgreen program will be released August 2024. Stay tuned!



Our 2024 program will close for sign-ups on February 15th, 2024 - however, our CSA program has less shares available this year than ever before, so if you are keen to get on board don't delay to avoid disappointment. We do anticipate each share option filling up!


  • Full Farm Investment Share  $2500  (no payment plan available)

  • 18 Week Veggie Box Share  $720  (payment plan available if requested)

  • 2024 Pig Share   $400 / $800 deposit required upon sign-up depending on half or full hog purchase (balance due upon pork delivery / pickup)

  • 18 Week Egg Share  $144 one dozen weekly  $288 two dozen weekly  (no payment plan available)

  • Rooted Table Collective Farm Club   $500   (no payment plan available)

  • Flourish Winter Microgreen Program 2024-25 Winter   $300 - signup and info coming August 2024


  • For all registrations, payment is due at the time of sign-up unless otherwise specified or agreed upon with us.

  • If you require a payment plan for our Veggie Box Share, $400 is due upon sign-up and the remaining $320 is due by April 1st, 2024.


Our Friends and Family share was a big hit in 2023 and it allows you to share your CSA with a friend or family member. This is great if you prefer to only receive vegetables bi-weekly, or if you plan to go out of town regularly its easy for everyone if you have a partner arranged already to grab your weekly share when you are away. Please note: friends + family share is unavailable for our Investment Share Members.


  • All CSA members receive our digital Happy Hills Farm recipe book! This recipe book contains more than 65 recipes featuring vegetables we grow for our veggie box program!

  • All CSA members will also receive our new 2024 digital produce storage + preservation guide to help you get the most from your veggie boxes!

  • All CSA members receive a 5% discount when shopping at our downtown farm store, The Rooted Table Collective, throughout the duration of each CSA session!


Due to the investment / shared risk nature of any farm CSA program, we are unable to offer refunds, however, if you are unable to continue on with your CSA program we will always work together with you to find someone who can take over your share or to come up with a solution that works for both of us. We appreciate your understanding and your support of what our CSA program means to our farm!

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