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While we were working out how and where we were going to start our farm, Miche started an initiative called Eat Grow Flourish with the main purpose of starting a regular conversation about the food we choose to put on our plates.

Eat Grow Flourish quickly blossomed into more than just a conversation, and became a literal connection between people in our community and their food.

Although not quite an "aggregation and distribution" service, Eat Grow Flourish provides unique services that help people access food in our region more readily and conveniently. From helping restaurants source local food and build lasting relationships with our area's farmers to organizing bulk purchases from farms for community folk, it's a passion of Miche's to help people get connected to the food on their plates.

Eat Grow Flourish also provides services for farmers and food producers that help them develop effective and affordable marketing plans; unique, vibrant, beautiful websites; and engaging social media platforms. Miche primarily takes clients during the winter months, but these services are ongoing - if you're interested reach out!

To learn more about Eat Grow Flourish services, as well as the back story that led to our farm journey (building a mini-homestead on an 'urban' property), check out the website below.


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Connecting eaters to good food!
Eat Grow Flourish family cooking
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