What are microgreens?

Microgreens are baby seedlings of edible plants (vegetables, herbs or flowers), and although they are tiny in size they are highly concentrated in nutrients, while also packing a punch of flavour! Typically, microgreens are harvested within 14 days of germination when they are 1-4" tall.


What are their health benefits?

Studies have shown that these tiny plants are packed with nutrients, including: vitamins C, E and K; lutein; and beta-carotene. In many instances, microgreens showed 40 times higher nutritional content than their mature counterparts. 

What are the best ways to eat microgreens?

We love microgreens on and in so many different dishes. We find them to be really versatile, and we're always hearing of new ways that our friends and customers have enjoyed them. Here's some suggestions for you to try, and we'll be adding some recipes soon!

Breakfast - with eggs  |  on breakfast sandwich  |  in smoothie

Lunch - as microgreen pesto  |  side slaw/salad  |  on tacos / in wrap

Dinner -  in/on soup  |  on pizza  |  as a salad base  |  stuffed in meat





Triton Red Radish

Kaiware Green Radish


Wasabi Mustard

Red Cabbage

Curly Cress

Fava Bean

Dwarf Sugar Pea

Yellow Tendril Pea

We also offer our Happy Hills Farm Signature Microgreen Salad Mix which is leafy, colourful

and full of flavour!





How do we grow our microgreens?

All of our microgreen seeds are certified organic. Our micros are grown in OMRI organic soil and we don't use fertilizer of any kind. They are grown indoors under lights.

Why do we grow microgreens?

Part of our goal at the farm is to provide nutrient-dense, fresh food on a year-round basis. We believe the movement of local food production from growing food in the summer to growing food all year is an imperative act in strengthening our regional food security. We were inspired to grow microgreens as a healthy and fresh dietary component through the winter months, but we continue to grow them in the summer as well.

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