We are committed to providing high-quality meat for our local communities, and so we raise only Mistral Gris chickens that are hatched locally here in BC at True North Farm. 


Mistral Gris chickens are a ‘Label Rouge’ style of pasture meat bird. The Label Rouge Programme began in France as a grassroots movement (just our style!) 40 years ago. The programme focuses on high-quality meat products, particularly poultry, and emphasizes quality attributes like taste, food-safety and free range production practices. It is our mission at Happy Hills Farm to raise our birds to the Label Rouge standard.

Our heritage chickens are raised outdoors on fresh pasture everyday and we strive to feed them certified organic feed whenever possible (if unavailable we only substitute natural, GMO-free feed). To supplement their diet, we also feed them our spent microgreen trays, which are chock full of super nutrients.... and provide hours of entertainment!


*Please note: We will not be raising meat chickens in 2019. We look forward to bringing these wonderful birds back to our farm in future years. 

We raise Mistral Gris heritage chickens on our farm each summer, serving them up fresh pasture daily alongside nutritious certified organic and/or natural, GMO-free feed.

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