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To us, food is our fuel, and we all deserve the best.

We are Dan + Miche, and we have been journeying through life together since 2010, building our family and trying to figure out our place in the world where we can do our part in the movement towards a healthier, more sustainable future.

It took us some time, but in 2017 we made the leap to start our own farm where together with our kids, we grow food for ourselves, our friends, our family and the community that we are surrounded by, that we love to support and be a part of.

When we were preparing to welcome our oldest daughter into the world we decided the most important thing we needed to do was figure out how to feed her the healthiest food possible. That led us to growing our own food, but it didn't take long for that to blossom into a passion for feeding our community. Because not only do our kids deserve the best food possible, but yours do, too.


Shauna Ullman Photography


Shauna Ullman Photography


From our fields to your plates, we are so happy to feed you nutritious, local food!

When we started studying food systems and food production, we realized one of the most impactful things we could do with our short time on Earth, is join the growing movement of small farms, who for the most part, share at least one thing in common. That is, the goal of reducing the stress on our environment caused by industrial food production and repairing the damage caused by this flawed system.

For us that means building gardens that produce food using methods that prioritize and celebrate soil health, biodiversity, and a healthy and balanced ecosystem. In short, this means we grow food by hand always, and we never use any chemicals or sprays. We only use inputs approved for organic production, but we are not certified organic. Instead, we are customer certified. You can see and taste the difference in our food, and you are always welcome to come visit our farm and see the gardens where your food is grown. You can ask us questions and learn for yourself how and why we grow food the way we do, and why our customers choose Happy Hills time and again.

You deserve the best quality, most nutritious food and growing that for you is what we do.


With our hands.

And with hearts full of love and gratitude.


The Rooted Table Collective, is our new brick + mortar farm shop, located downtown Rossland. It's where we help you root your table and homes in good, local, BC food + farmcrafted goods.

Always fresh.

Always BC local.

Always from farms and producers we know and love.

Our Farm Store is located downtown Rossland at 2140 Columbia Avenue, and is called The Rooted Table Collective. The shelves are fully stocked with seasonal vegetables + fruit, plus loads of other farmcrafted and locally produced specialty foods. From honeys to preserves of all kinds, salts to seasonings, sauces to dressings, you name it, we have it. Our freezers are full of great soups, meats, fruits and more. We are always looking for more great products to bring in, too!

We also offer a wide range of non-edible farmcrafted products, from soaps and candles, to fresh flower bouquets and beautiful wreaths. The carefully curated farm products found in our store come from farms and small businesses that we love, whose values we can align with and get behind. Some are Kootenay local, others come from further away...all are BC based.

Our Rooted Table website will be up and running soon for you to see everything we offer - and, we even offer home delivery! To learn more about our store shoot us an email:


“Happy Hills Farms is fresh local product at its best. Dan and Miche, the owners and operators of Happy Hills, have set down their roots in our community, literally! Their commitment to the community and their craft  is evident the minute you meet them. Passionate local farmers growing organic produce right at our doorstep; it doesn't get any better than that! ”

— Jamie Weeks

Trail Beer Refinery


"I’ve been visiting Happy Hills Farm with my class for a few years now. Miche and Dan donate their time and energy to my students and we leave feeling informed, inspired and refreshed. I really appreciate the connection they help me form with our community farmers and the passion they have for sustainable food practices."

— Laura Jackman 

RSS Elementary Teacher

“I have been a customer and friend of Happy Hills Farm from the get go. I know Miche and Dan pour their heart and souls into this business and they are beyond passionate about farming and providing local food to our community. With this, they bring a great wealth of knowledge to our community, from supporting locals with fresh nutrient dense food to providing advice on how to use, cook and store their food. They share farming and produce knowledge with other farmers and backyard enthusiasts to encourage people to grow their own food in healthy ways. They support other local business and buy local whenever possible, by sharing their farm stand with other farmers and having other local farmcrafted products available for the community. I love that you can go directly to their farm store and see your produce growing. I love the smell of the soil and vegetation. I love watching Dan happily nip back into a crop to get that extra bit of something a customer needs. I love how Miche transforms her produce from soil covered to bright shiny picture perfect produce that you can't help but want to buy all of. And I love that they are committed to feeding our community year-round through their second farm, Flourish MicroFarm. Miche and Dan are great farmers and great friends, and my family loves them!  ”

— Bethany O'Rourke

Family Friend

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